• A Beginner’s Guide To Tectonic

    Son Raw of FACT Mag presents an in-depth walk through Tectonic’s 10 year history with a playlist of specially chosen highlights from the back catalogue.

  • Tectonic on BBC Radio 1

    Last week Pinch joined Benji B on his BBC Radio 1 show and spoke about Tectonic’s past, present and future through a series of tracks.

  • Ipman – Depatterning

    Ipman’s debut album ‘Depatterning’ is out now! Purchase the Vinyl, CD or download at Tectonic Store, Bleep, Amazon.

  • Acre – Better Strangers

    Tectonic are pleased to announce the debut album by Acre will be released on Tectonic on November 13th 2015.

  • 2562

    Moving Ninja

    Jack Sparrow
    Terminal / Torment