Walton : Gunman / Caught In A Trip

Walton : Gunman / Caught In A Trip

Manchester’s Walton returns to Tectonic following last year’s explorations in grime flavoured house/techno offshoots.

This time Walton leads with a dance floor crushing anthem that cruises a cool line between grime and tribal dubstep. Featuring a looping Riko Dan sample, ‘Gunman’ sets a stone cold tone from the offset, hi-hats setting up the groove before a grime flavoured melody cuts in preparing you for the drop. When the bass and drums come crashing in they bounce off each other to produce a disorientating tribal rhythm that will set the dance floor alight!
Flip for a slower, more gentle mood with ‘Caught In A Trip’. Rolling at 126bpm, ‘Caught In A Trip’ builds around a developing melody played on a glockenspiel-esque instrument, backed with tribal percussion and a driving kick pattern. Ethereal in mood throughout, this one provides a lighter moment for the dance floor.

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Walton refix of Pinch & Mumdance ‘Big Slug’:

Walton DJ Mix: